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International Cuisine Restaurant

Explore international gastronomy like never before, our variety of dishes will make you travel to different parts of the world through your palate

Our purpose is that when you visit 11th Avenue you remember your trips to different tourist destinations, recognize ingredients of international gastronomy, enjoy each bite like a party on your palate and whenever you return, find something new for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

It is a fact that food unites us and makes us share unforgettable moments with the people we love the most and when it comes to international cuisine, you get to know new culinary styles to delight you through invaluable gastronomic experiences.

The warm atmosphere of 11th Avenue leads you to create memories with friends and family, who come together for the purpose of good food.

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We have made 11th Avenue a restaurant where salty and sweet form eccentric combinations that are manifested in each of our preparations.


All the products used for each dish are of the highest quality to maintain the premium standard that has always characterized us.

 Fondo negro

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Come and enjoy our special activities

  • Olla de carne Monday
    Olla de carne Monday
    Every Monday you can enjoy this traditional Costa Rican food
  • Father's day celebration
    Father's day celebration
    Special executive lunch menu with live show by Elena Umaña, from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Papacitos Party
    Papacitos Party
    Saturday, June 15th Party for the "papacitos" special Sexy Chair Dance show, dancers on stage and live mixes with DJ Peco Restrictions apply
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